Wednesday, June 16, 2010

random pics

Quentin graduated from high school.
My Uncle Bobbie and Aunt Dodie at graduation
Charlie and Alyssa at graduation
Mom and Dad at graduation
Caroline while we were hiking at Pink Beds a few weeks ago.
Anthony and LeAnna decided that they had to hike with their shirts off!

Carl Sandburg house.
Caroline loved seeing the baby goats, except she kept calling them puppies no matter how many times I told her they were goats. She calls everything puppies.

Monday, June 7, 2010

fun in the forest

Some friends from work and I met at Sycamore Flats and let the kids play, have a picnic lunch, and play in the river. Of course the river was frigid and the adults didn't even want to get our feet wet but the kids couldn't have cared less. They had a great time even though it was a little cloudy.
Playing hide and seek.
Not sure what Caroline was doing in this picture but it's so darn cute.
"Mowing the grass"
Isn't Colton just precious?!

Caroline continues to have those fabulously chunky legs!!!