Friday, March 26, 2010

new pics

Here are several pictures that have been taken over the last week. This is when the kids were with Charlie on Monday before they went to the bouncy house and out to eat. Thanks Aunt Cha Cha. The kids had such a great time!
I'm pretty sure Anthony took this picture of Charlie and Caroline.

I think Caroline is taking after me, she loves to look at books. I found her the other day "reading" the books in my basket.
Getting mad because I wouldn't give her the camera.
Really upset because she couldn't have the camera!
She is really developing an attitude lately. She must get it from her daddy! (LOL) Mommy's little helper.
The kids playing ball outside this morning. I am so glad it is getting warmer, we spend tons of time outside now.
Anthony petting Tyson this morning. Anthony still doesn't want to be around him when we let him run around but he will put his hands inside and pet him when we have him put up.
Caroline loves Tyson. Everytime she goes outside that is one of the first places she goes.
Playing with the sled. Thank goodness there is no more snow so we don't need the sled anymore!
This is the only "tractor" you will ever find her on. She is scared to death of the Bobcat, tractor, and lawn mowers. Some days she doesn't even like the four wheeler or Papaw's Gator.
I almost had a heart attack when I looked outside this afternoon and saw Chad in this tree. He was tying a chain around the tree so that he could cut it down. There is not a lot of things that he does that makes me nervous but this definately did!
After they cut down the tree Anthony was right out there with them "helping".

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

new words

Caroline has finally decided that she wants to talk. For quite a while now you can tell her something and she will do it, she understands everything you say perfectly. She just didn't want to talk. In the last week she has really started talking a lot. Granted sometimes what she is trying to say sounds nothing like what she is really saying. But after she says it a couple times I get it. Here is what she has started saying in the last week or two.
ank yoo (thank you, while nodding her head)

fooba (football)

down (she puts her hands in the air and yells "down". She is trying to say touchdown. Guess that's from all the football that Chad, Anthony, & Caroline play in the evenings before bed)

li (light)

sit down (she started saying this after spending the weekend with Nanny and her having to tell Caroline to sit down while on the couch. She now says it all the time while pointing her finger)

dog (she has a stuffed dog that she carries around the house petting and kissing all the time)

eba (zebra)

bi bi (bite bite because that child loves to eat. She had 3 bowls of spaghetti tonight plus dessert)

She also has learned where her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, & belly are.

She will also repeat anything you say now. I have a feeling once she starts talking a lot she won't stop. I don't know what we will do when she starts talking a lot because we already have one child that never hushes. Anthony talks and talks and talks. He is in the question stage. Everything he sees he has to ask you a question about it and "I don't know" is not a good enough answer for him. You have to have detailed answers for everything. We went to dinner in Hendersonville on Sunday and he never even caught his breath the whole way there and the whole way home and Caroline just repeated Mama and Daddy the whole way there and the whole way home. I don't know why but everytime we get in the car she just says Mama over and over and over. Car rides are not quite as peaceful as they used to be but its a lot of fun!

The weather has finally been nice the last several days and we are spending a lot of time outside now. The kids love it and Caroline now cries to go outside everyday. It makes the days so much easier when we can get outside because they get so bored being in the house all day. Spring can't come soon enough for me!

Monday, March 8, 2010

a fun filled weekend

I had to work this weekend so the kids stayed with Mom and Dad. They had a wonderful weekend and Anthony is still talking about all the fun things they did. Here are some pictures.

On Friday Chad and all his "boys" (Anthony calls all of Chad's employees "the boys") cut down several pine trees around the house. Well of course they couldn't be outside without Anthony "helping". Here he is taking a break with Andrew and Mauricio.
The kids gathered up pine cones at Nanny & Papa's house this weekend to make bird feeders. They never got the feeders made because Anthony and Papa had so many other "jobs" to do. But they had fun finding the pine cones.

Chad forgot Anthony's jacket on Saturday so he wore one of Nanny's shirts as a jacket.

I'm not exactly sure what Anthony thought he was doing here, he just told me that he was "doing jobs"
While Papa was working on the house Anthony was working on hammering in a bunch of nails on a piece of wood. Kept him occupied for quite a long time. (I used to love doing the same thing when I was out helping daddy. I would make pictures by hammering nails in wood)
The finished product.
Anthony and Papa taking a break. When it was lunch time Anthony took Papa out to lunch at Twin Dragons. He had told me on Friday that he wanted to take Papa out to lunch. So I sent money with Anthony on Saturday for him to take Papa out. They had a great "just boys" lunch.
Caroline liked to stand in the chair on the porch watching all the cars go by.
Anthony told me that after him and Papa did all of their hard jobs then they had to get in the hot tub to "lax" (relax). He thinks that the hot tub is the greatest thing ever made. He even told Chad on Sunday that he needed to buy one. When Chad told him that they needed a track hoe first, Anthony told him that a hot tub is much better than a track hoe. Coming from Anthony that is saying a lot. He loves everything about a track hoe. I'm suprised that they had any water left in the hot tub by the time that he finished swimming.
Caroline decided on Sunday that she didn't want to take a nap so she tried to escape the pack-n-play. She is really clumsy anyway and it's not a good idea for her to try and climb out of anything. She fell on her head on Nanny and Papa's wood floor. See the big red spot on her forehead?

Work was slow on Sunday so I got off at 1pm. I went to Nanny and Papa's to pick up the kids and Anthony insisted that I "swim" in the hot tub with him. He jumped and splashed and played forever. He told me that he may just have to go live with Nanny and Papa now that they have a hot tub! LOL.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

more snow, a sick boy, and a dirty girl

Well I guess winter isn't over yet! We got another 7-8 inches of snow today. I hope winter will be over soon but it doesn't look like it. Anthony is upset because he can't go out in play because he has strep throat. Had to take him to the doctor today in the snow and he loved riding in the snow. He looked out the window and watched it snow for a while today asking if he could go out and play "for just a minute". Thank goodness mom kept Caroline today so I could just deal with Anthony. He layed in the bed and watched TV and played with my hair for 4 hours! Suprised I have any hair left. Every time I would get up to try to get something accomplished in the house he would just cry for me to come back. So, yes I let him watch excess amounts of TV but it was the only thing that was making him happy and he totally didn't feel like being up and playing. Hopefully by tomorrow the antibiotics will help and things will be better.

Caroline after she finished eating supper tonight. She insists on feeding herself everything now. She is so independent, so every night after dinner I have a huge mess to clean up. The worse mess is when she tries to feed herself yogurt. I'll have to get a picture of that soon. I took her shirt off before dinner so that would be one less thing I had to try to get clean.
Don't you just love those HUGE brown eyes?!