Saturday, December 26, 2009


I just had to post this picture because her outfit is just too darn cute!!!

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas, the kids received lots of great presents and have played till they just fell over. I'm just not sure if my house is ever going to recover, I still have so much left to clean. Here are some pictures from the day (please just ignore the mess everywhere!)

Anthony "helping" Caroline open her presents. He "helped" everyone.
Caroline with her new ride on toy.

Anthony on his new bicycle that his Nanny and Papaw Bryson got him. He loves it.

Caroline with her new car. She didn't want us to put it together, she thought it was just fine like that so we had to wait for her to take a nap.
Caroline is such a girly girl. She got a baby sling and now she carries her baby around in the sling. She looked so cute cooking in her kitchen while wearing her baby. She's such a little mommy. She got a new baby that coos and moves and everytime it makes a noise she pats it on the back and says "Oh Oh". She walks around the house talking to it now to. It's so darn cute!
Aunt Cha Cha with Caroline and her new baby.

They both got play food that they can cut and that has entertained both of them for hours.
Caroline in her new car after we finally got it put together. She takes her baby for rides all over the house now.
I just love this picture.
Andrew and Taylor came over and played Anthony's new Wii. Everyone has had a great time with it, although I think Chad has taken it over. He played it for a long time yesterday then we played together after the kids went to bed. It's so fun.
Anthony bowling with his new Wii, but his favorite game is shooting chickens with eggs. He thinks it's great.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We got a total of 7 inches of snow, not as much as some people but plenty for us. Anthony had a hard time walking in all that. Mark, Lacey, LeAnna, & Colton came over on Saturday to play. Here are some pictures from the day. Colton didn't like the snow, he was happier to sit on Anthony's jeep the whole time. Caroline's favorite part was when I would throw snowballs at her, she was just smile and laugh. Of course LeAnna and Anthony loved sledding down the hill but we had to pull them back up the hill, not easy to do! We survived the day with no broken bones but LeAnna did get a busted nose, upper and lower lip, and a red spot on her forehead from when Charlie stopped them from hitting the playhouse and LeAnna fell forward in to the back of Anthony's head. Sorry LeAnna! She sent Anthony the cutest video that night thanking him for busting her lip. LOL.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!

We have about 4 1/2 inches of snow so far and it's still snowing. Here are a few pictures of the day with more to come later.

Papa had just gotten hit with a snowball from Anthony! He would have either his Nanny or Papa make him a snowball then hit them with it. He thought it was the funniest thing ever.

Anthony making a snowman. We don't have a picture of the finished product because he knocked it down about 30 seconds after it was finished. Such a boy!

My wonderful mother having fun in the snow.
Anthony and his HUGE snowball.
My fabulous daddy!
Caroline had quite a hard time walking in the snow. Here is what she spent most of her time doing, trying to get back up!
She was completely amazed by her first snow.

Caroline's first steps in the snow. Chad took her in after about 15 minutes because she couldn't keep her gloves on. Chad was happy to take her in, he doesn't like the snow as much as we do. Guess it's because he always has to go to work when it's snowing. Looks like his Saturday is going to be spent working:(
(Please just ignore the bruise on her face and the busted lip)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Time out

I thought this picture was cute. Anthony had to go to time out last night and as soon as he went and sat down in the corner Caroline went over there and sat with him the whole time. She never talked or tried to play with him, just sat there. When I told her she could get up she just ignored me until I told Anthony it was time to get up and then she got up and started playing. It was very cute. (Sorry about the picture quality but it was taken with my cell phone and it was kind of dark in the living room)
We were playing with the kids in the floor before bed last night and I just thought these videos were cute. Shows just how clumsy Caroline can be some days, also shows her saying diaper.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I just thought this picture was funny. Anthony decided he wanted to wear my pink and white bath robe around the house the other day. His daddy was not thrilled about this at all but Anthony just wanted to wear it because he said it was warm and he was cold (of course he was wearing nothing but his underwear, I can't keep that child in clothes so I have finally just given up)
I love these pictures of Caroline. She loves her "babies" and has to go to bed with them or she will not go to sleep. I laid her down for a nap and came back to check on her and just had to take a picture.

Caroline has figured out to climb on the ottoman and then up on the couch. I was making pancakes this morning and it got really quiet and you know that is never a good thing so I went to check on her and she was on the couch laying down watching Super Why. She is so clumsy and can't figure out how to get down and I'm afraid she is going to fall off the couch so we have moved to ottoman in our bedroom while she is awake. Doesn't she look so happy and proud of herself?

Everyone knows that Anthony loves to do projects and "jobs". He has been helping me cook almost every meal now and thinks it's the greatest thing ever. He also loves art projects, nothing keeps his attention for long but he does like to do it. So we made a paper chain for our Christmas tree. He was more excited about getting to use glue than anything and instead of just putting glue on the ends he had to put glue on the whole piece so it was quite messy but still a lot of fun. I just love the look on his face in this picture.
Concentrating so hard!

We also made a gingerbread house and tree today so Anthony could decorate. (Ok, so I bought the premade gingerbread so all we had to do was put it together) Can you tell that Anthony did most of the icing on the Christmas tree? I think he ate more icing and candy than he put on the tree. He kept going under the table to eat candy cause he thought I wouldn't know. LOL. I put the icing on the house and he put all the candy on then I went to fold a load of laundry and came back and he had green icing all over his mouth and so did Caroline. He was sharing with her!

Here is what the house looked like after I went to do laundry. I think half the candy is missing on this side now. When Chad came home he was picking candy off of it to and when I fussed about it he said it was meant to be eaten not looked at. He is very serious about his sweets.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Brevard's Christmas parade was today. We went even though it was bitterly cold because of the wind. We bundled the kids up and they had a great time. Someone threw out some candy and Caroline got the lolipop. This is only the second time she has ever had one. She was not going to let it go. She loved it and cried when I finally took it away.
After the parade some friends and I decided to take our kids to see Santa. So with 3 adults we took 5 kids to eat and then to the mall to see Santa. Scroll down and you will see the picture of Anthony and Caroline with Santa.

Can you tell that Caroline absolutely hated Santa this year? I still love the picture even though she isn't smiling. It's just another priceless holiday memory. Below are pictures from past Christmases with Santa. Thought it would be cute to show you all of them. (sorry I can't find the one from Anthony's 1st Christmas, gonna have to keep looking)

Anthony hated Santa 2 years ago!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Tree

After we got home from having Thanksgiving dinner with Chad's family all Anthony wanted to do was decorate the tree. So we went downstairs and found the decorations and we started decorating. We got the lights on the tree while Caroline and Anthony were both trying to "help." So we decided to let Anthony stay up a little late and decorate it after Caroline went to bed.

I never really understood why my mom always wanted to keep every ornament that Charlie and I made when we were kids. But now I totally understand. The ornaments that Anthony has made are my most cherised ornaments now. That is mainly what is on our tree this year and I love it. While we were decorating Anthony wanted to play with the ornaments for a while before he would put them on the tree so to say the least it took a while to finish it all. Anthony told me when we finished decorating that he had the best tree in the whole world.

The next morning when Caroline woke up the first thing she went for was the tree. She pulled out 3 of the balls and started throwing them through the house. Thank goodness we put all the non-breakable ones on the bottom. She has pulled off some of the lights and pulls the ornaments off several times a day. Everytime she gets near the tree she looks at me and gives me the biggest smile before she pulls something off because she knows she is not supposed to be doing that. They really know how to work it!