Monday, March 7, 2011

Lots of new pictures

I have been such a slacker lately and not updating much at all. Things have been busy around here and now that it is starting to be warm a little more we are spending a lot of time outside and going places. Colton's 3rd birthday party was Saturday at The Little Gym. We had never been there before but the kids LOVED it. Caroline has already told me that she wants her birthday party to be there.
Caroline really did have a great time, I don't know why she has such a serious look on her face. It's the only picture I could get of her the whole time because if she was doing something I had to hold on to her. I don't trust her on the balance beam or bars, she's a little too clumsy for those things alone!
Anthony loved the uneven bars. He did them tons of times and after having help the few couple times he started doing it all on his own.

Anthony also learned how to drive the Bobcat all by himself. I came home from running one day and saw Chad on the bucket. I wondered what the heck he was doing until I noticed that Anthony was sitting in it. He then cranked it right up and starting driving. He drove it all over the place. When they were finished for the day, Chad got off and told Anthony to park it. I almost had a heart attack but Anthony parked it just perfect. I'm pretty sure Chad forgets that he is only 4!!!
Charlie bought Caroline some princess stick on fingernails and Caroline absolutely LOVES them. She wore them for the longest time until she couldn't eat her Cheetos that she always gets from Charlie. She pulled the off and ate then put them right back on. It's so funny to watch how she plays when she has them on, she doesn't want to mess them up so she is so super careful.
Just a couple of cute pics of the kids.

Our new puppy Bingo. The kids love her and she follows them around everywhere they go.
Anthony's Valentine's Day party at school
Caroline thought it was super cool that she got to go to school with Anthony since I helped with the party.