Tuesday, April 20, 2010

new pics

Anthony making "chocolate cream pie". He was so dirty and muddy after this.
Playing on daddy's lawn mower. Anthony was trying to teach Caroline how to drive the lawn mower. He told her "here is how to turn it on, here is the gas, and here is how you steer. Now you do it Caroline." This is the only time that you will ever see Caroline on a lawn mower, she hates the mower when it is on and cries if we try to get her to ride it.

Sliding down the slide. Doesn't her pig tails look like Fraggle Rock?

Anthony went to a birthday party on Saturday and in the goodie bags that he brought home were eye patches. Anthony wanted Chad to put them on with the earrings. Chad will probably kill me for posting this picture but it was just too funny not to post.

Charlie taught Caroline to "talk to the hand!"
Don't they look tired? Maybe it was because that was the day that Anthony had been up since 0530 and then daddy had been up since 0550.
Anthony and daddy "thumb fighting!" He thinks it's the funniest thing ever.
This is how Anthony went outside to play. He said it was too hot to play with clothes on. I did make him put clothes on before all "the boys" got home from work.

Monday, April 19, 2010

18 month check up

Caroline had an appointment with Dr. Thomas this morning. It's really hard to believe that she is already 18 months old. I know everyone always says they grow up fast, but dang they really do grow up fast. She weighs 24 lbs 9.5 oz, this puts her in the 50% for her height. She is 33 inches tall which puts her in the 90% for her height. Dr. Thomas said she is gonna be tall and skinny, bet her daddy won't be happy to hear that:) I also mentioned to Dr. Thomas about her falling so much and running in to things. He put her down and had her walk to me and of course she walks right into the side of the exam table. He wants her to have her eyes checked to make sure that her vision is ok since many people on my side of the family and Chad's family wear glasses and have had to wear them starting at an early age. I really hope it's not her vision because I have no idea how you keep glasses on an 18 month old. She likes wearing sunglasses and some other play glasses but I'm not sure she would be thrilled to have to wear them all day. If her vision is fine then we will have a consult with a physical therapist to make sure that it's nothing with her equalibrium. He told me that if both of those things turn out fine then we know it's all caused because she is a blonde! Dr. Thomas is too funny sometimes. Otherwise everything else with her is fine. She had to get a lead test today and 2 immunizations which she was unhappy about but got over quickly and was asleep before we ever even got out of the parking lot. Anthony kept asking me "Is Caroline ok, I don't want Caroline to hurt." He doesn't like to see his sister in pain unless it's him that's doing it!

Anthony stayed with Nanny and Papa this weekend. He woke up at 5:30 on Saturday morning and insisted that I take him to Nanny and Papa's. So I had to wake them up and drop him off on my way to work. He refused to come home Sat. night because he had to "swim in the hot pool". Mom said that he was so sweet on Saturday and just kept telling his Nanny and Papa "I just love you youngins!" He is just too cute. Chad had to chase him around the yard on Sunday when he went to pick him up because he didn't want to come home then either.
He was also playing with Alyssa on Saturday and they were taking turns hiding toys. Anthony hid a toy in his Nanny's pocket and as soon as Alyssa opened her eyes to start looking for the toy Anthony said "It's in Nanny's pocket. But make sure you look real hard". That child cannot keep a secret which is not a bad thing but he is all the time telling on himself.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend

I had to work this weekend so the kids stayed with Nanny and Papa. Here are more pictures of their fun weekend.

Caroline playing in yard with the "chickens"
Church Easter egg hunt on Saturday. The kids had a wonderful time and Nanny and Papa were half dead by the end of the day. They had to take a nap after Chad came and picked up the kids. LOL
They also had pony rides and Anthony loved it.
I absolutely love this picture of Caroline and Papa.
Before dinner playing with my sunglasses.

After dinner, definately had to take her straight to the bathtub after this.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

lots of pictures

Coloring easter eggs!
Caroline wanted no part of coloring the easter eggs. Notice to blue on her legs? While I was mixing up the colors she decided to pull one of them off the counter!

I got some really cute pictures of Caroline while Anthony was busy with his eggs.

Sorry this one is blurry but it was too cute not to post.
Not sure what this look is for.

Swimming in the hot tub at Nanny and Papa's today.

Caroline really did love the hot tub, not sure what she is doing here. Probably wanted the camera.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Conversation with Anthony:

Anthony: Why are there cables on those polls?
Me: So we can use the telephone.
Anthony: Why are they called telephone polls?
Me: Because we have to have those polls and cables to be able to use the telephone.
Anthony: Why?
Me: Because.
Anthony: Because why?
Me: Because that's what makes the telephone work.
Anthony: Why do we have to use the telephone?
Me: To talk to people.
Anthony: Why do we have to talk to people?
Me: So we know what's going on.
Anthony: Why do we have to know what's going on?
Me: Just because. Could you please stop asking why?
Anthony: Why?
Me: Oh jeeze!

He askes why about EVERYTHING now. Saying just because is not good enough for him, you have to have a detailed answer and if he doesn't think it's good enough he will keep asking why until he has an answer that makes him happy. I will be so glad when he is out of this stage. Our conversation in the car are endless.

He has been the best boy for the last few days. He hasn't had to be put in time out or have a spanking in 3 days now. I really think it's because we now spend most of the day outside and he doesn't get bored when he's outside. It was beautiful here yesterday and today. Yesterday the kids played outside from 9:30am until 6:30pm except for the time when they were eating and Caroline took a nap. Otherwise, they didn't come in at all and they both love it.

Here are some pictures of Anthony and Caroline that I took yesterday. I was cooking dinner and went to the living room to check on the kids and they were sitting on coffee table. Anthony was explaining to Caroline what they do when you go to the dentist (he had just gotten home from the dentist earlier in the day).

Yesterday it was so warm and we decided to let Caroline play outside in shorts. To say the least it was a big mistake. She is entirely too clumsy to be able to play in shorts. I think she may have to wear pants for the rest of the year. I wanted her to wear a dress today but decided that it wasn't a good idea because her poor legs look terrible after she fell a few times.