Sunday, February 6, 2011

daily conversations with the kids

There are certain conversations that the kids and I have almost on a daily basis, especially when it's a WEE school day for Anthony. So here goes:
About 7:30am
Anthony: Mom, where are we going today?
Me: School
Anthony: I don't want to go to school today! (carried on in his whiny voice most of the time)
Me: You have to go to school
Anthony: Why?
Me: Because you have to learn so you can go to Kindergarten this year
About 8:30
Anthony: I have to poop!!!!!!
Me: Well go but you have to hurry, we have to leave for school in 5 minutes
Anthony: Mom, you can't hurry pooping, it just happens!
Me: Anthony, are you done yet we have to leave for school
Anthony: Not yet
Then we finally get out the door for school
8:55 as we are getting ready to pull in the parking lot at WEE school
Anthony: I have to poop!
Me: Anthony, you just went before we left the house, can you hold it until after school?
Anthony: No, I'll poop all over myself and then Ms. Babb will be mad at you.
Me: Well let's go but next time make sure you go completely before school because we are not doing this every day at school. You will be late for class.
Anthony: Ok Mom. Let's hurry and get to my class, I can't wait to go to school, it's going to be so much fun.
Me thinking: Wait, didn't we just have a conversation at home about him not wanting to go to school?!
(and it happens again and again. He ALWAYS has to go before we leave home then when we get to WEE school or church or anywhere else we happen to be going for the day)
After dropping off Anthony
Caroline: Let's go see ChaCha and Pam and get some Cheetos
Me: No, I think we are going to go home today, we need to clean up a little bit
Caroline: NNNNOOOOO, I want ChaCha and Cheetos
So 3 days a week after dropping off Anthony we go see ChaCha and get Cheetos. It kills me to give her those that often but there is no putting it off. I have tried and she cried for an entire hour about needing to see her ChaCha and Cheetos. LOL. So we go and she has fun and ChaCha loves to see her. If we miss a day then Charlie is calling wanting to know where I am at. While at Hair Mechanix we also have to go over to Pam's shop for her to see all the dresses and look at the jewelry.
After school:
Anthony and Caroline: Can we go see Nanny?
Most days we do, but if not they are never happy about that either. They want to go see Nanny on her lunch break because she always has snacks for them.
On the way home after seeing Nanny
Anthony and Caroline: I'm hungry
Me: We are on our way home and I'll fix you some lunch
Anthony: I can't wait any longer, I'm starving!
Me: We are only 2 minutes away from home, I think you will live
Anthony: No I won't, I'm gonna starve to death!
These conversations happen on almost a daily basis at our house. There are more that I will post later, jut thought you might find this humerous!!
Here are some pictures from the eyes of a 4 year old. Anthony got my camera last week and asked if he could take some pictures, I thought sure, why not and this is what I got.

Yes, I know Caroline has no pants on. You try getting either of my children to leave clothes on for 5 minutes while we are at home. I'm lucky she is even wearing a shirt.

We had just finished dinner and were getting ready for baths so Caroline's mouth is still dirty and she had pulled her hairbows out already.

Getting water in her cup and drinking it out of the bathtub faucet. I don't know how many times I have told her not to do this but she does it anyway

Guess he thought a picture of my bed was a good idea! Least I had made it up half way that morning! That doesn't happen on a daily basis.

Random picture in the bathroom. Caroline had opened my drawers and gotten out a few things she wanted to play with, like makeup and fingernail polish.