Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Caroline goes bungee jumping; Anthony goes to time out

On Monday Charlie had the kids playing outside. Well they were playing up on the top of their swingset and Anthony had a bungee cord. Charlie thought he was tying him and Caroline together so they could go down the slide together. Instead he put the bungee cord through the belt loop of Caroline's shorts and then pushed her off the top of the swing set. She fell and the bungee cord stopped her about 3 inches from the ground and her hands were on the ground. It only scared her for just a second before she was holding her hands out to Charlie saying "hands, hands" she was only worried about her dirty hands. Of course Charlie almost had a heart attack. I cannot imagine being there to see that, it would have scared me half to death. When I got home from work I had a talk with Anthony about not pushing his sister off the swing set because she could get hurt very bad and have to go the hospital. He responded by saying "Mom, I tied her off and I was holding on to the other end. She didn't get hurt and it's no big deal." Oh dear, I hope that's the last time he tries something like that. We did have quite a serious talk so hopefully he has learned his lesson.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

dirty kids; clean kids

Last Monday while I was at work Charlie had the kids. After Caroline's nap she decided to take them out to play. It had rained tons the day before and we had a drainage problem so we had a HUGE mud puddle in the driveway. And I do mean MUD puddle. Charlie said she turned around to tell Anthony to come back down in the yard to play and when she turned back around Caroline was running through the mud puddle. She decided since Caroline was already dirty that she would just let them play in the mud for a while. So glad it was her with them that day because I'm not sure I could have handled all the mud and nastiness. I don't mind the kids getting dirty but this was CRAZY but the kids had a great time and Charlie is just wonderful for letting them have so much fun.
Caroline thought the best thing in the world was throwing rocks in the water to watch it splash.
Don't you just love the overalls. LOL.
After the mud puddle! Had to soak their clothes for a while and have major bath. Thanks Chuckie!
Last weekend the kids stayed with Nana Kim for a day while Chad and I went to the lake with Taylor and Melissa. The kids had a great time playing in their pool.

Before they had swimming attire on, yes Anthony insisted on wearing this pair on underwear that day.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

lake time!

It's finally lake season again. We went today for the first time this year and the kids absolutely loved it. I wasn't sure that we were going to get to go because Anthony has had strep throat and gastro this week (Caroline had gastro last week) and last night he still wasn't feeling very well. But when we got up this morning the first thing he asked was when we were leaving for the lake. The water is still frigid and Chad and I didn't get in at all but Anthony was jumping off the back of the boat and swimming around and didn't think it was that bad. Good thing I was holding on to Caroline's life jacket because as soon as the boat stopped she tried to jump off the boat also. She has no fear at all. I didn't let her jump in but I eased her down in the water and she decided she wanted back up, I'm sure because it was just so dang cold. Then about 30 seconds later she wanted back in, we did that the entire day. She also thinks that when we are riding that she can walk around on the boat. Not sure why she thinks she can walk around on a moving boat when she struggles to walk on land but she did. She would fall and get right back up and walk some more. She also starting telling me "No ma'am" today, guess she is just repeating me because I tell her that all the time. So when I would tell her no about climbing on the back of the boat she would say "No ma'am, no ma'am" and of course keep trying to climb.

Don't you just love her sunglasses? She wears them all the time now. It's hard to get her to take them off at all while we are home, in the grocery store, or outside. I bought her the cutest bathing suit yesterday but since we didn't get off the boat because of the cold water she never had her life jacket off so I couldn't get a picture.

Here are just some pictures of when we were outside playing this week.
Can you tell Anthony dressed himself to go outside??!!
I just love the smile on her face in this one.