Sunday, July 11, 2010

more fun in the wa-wa!

As you can pretty much see, the kids spend most of their time swimming or playing in some type of water. It keeps them happy and us out of the house, I can't imagine staying at home all the time. Plus it has been so hot this summer that it's a great way for them to stay cool.

On Sunday the kids went with my mom and dad to go swimming. Caroline found a bug shell and absolutely loved it. They said she would hold it and play with it and chase Anthony around trying to scare him with it. I have no idea where she learned that from because mom and dad said they didn't teach her that. Guess she probably learned it from Anthony at some point. Caroline with her bug shell

Showing the camera her bug

Anthony playing with his new float that his Granny Byrd got him. He is so close to swimming. He can swim under water and for a few seconds above water. His Nanny Cathy also taught him how to dive and she said he does a great job. I can't wait to take him and see it. He was so proud of himself. He also loves to go off the slide.

Caroline jumping to Papa

Relaxing on the float. She loves to just lay back and float. The look on her face doesn't look like she is happy but I promise she is. The more pictures I look at of her, the more I realize that she can give some pretty nasty looks! Wonder where that comes from???? (Thanks Kelly for pointing that out) Ha Ha

Playing in the lake with her daddy. You can tell she is having a great time. She likes to float in the water with her daddy. But the whole time she yells "HELP HELP" and laughs about it. (And yes she is just as country sounding as Anthony when she says help, it is too cute)

Anthony and Caroline swimming in the shallow water at the beach area that we go to all the time. It's perfect for them because they can touch pretty much everywhere so we don't have to worry as much about Caroline running to where she can't touch. (Still have to watch her close though because while walking in the shallow water she still falls all the time and we have to pick her back up.

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