Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Caroline goes bungee jumping; Anthony goes to time out

On Monday Charlie had the kids playing outside. Well they were playing up on the top of their swingset and Anthony had a bungee cord. Charlie thought he was tying him and Caroline together so they could go down the slide together. Instead he put the bungee cord through the belt loop of Caroline's shorts and then pushed her off the top of the swing set. She fell and the bungee cord stopped her about 3 inches from the ground and her hands were on the ground. It only scared her for just a second before she was holding her hands out to Charlie saying "hands, hands" she was only worried about her dirty hands. Of course Charlie almost had a heart attack. I cannot imagine being there to see that, it would have scared me half to death. When I got home from work I had a talk with Anthony about not pushing his sister off the swing set because she could get hurt very bad and have to go the hospital. He responded by saying "Mom, I tied her off and I was holding on to the other end. She didn't get hurt and it's no big deal." Oh dear, I hope that's the last time he tries something like that. We did have quite a serious talk so hopefully he has learned his lesson.

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