Sunday, May 23, 2010

dirty kids; clean kids

Last Monday while I was at work Charlie had the kids. After Caroline's nap she decided to take them out to play. It had rained tons the day before and we had a drainage problem so we had a HUGE mud puddle in the driveway. And I do mean MUD puddle. Charlie said she turned around to tell Anthony to come back down in the yard to play and when she turned back around Caroline was running through the mud puddle. She decided since Caroline was already dirty that she would just let them play in the mud for a while. So glad it was her with them that day because I'm not sure I could have handled all the mud and nastiness. I don't mind the kids getting dirty but this was CRAZY but the kids had a great time and Charlie is just wonderful for letting them have so much fun.
Caroline thought the best thing in the world was throwing rocks in the water to watch it splash.
Don't you just love the overalls. LOL.
After the mud puddle! Had to soak their clothes for a while and have major bath. Thanks Chuckie!
Last weekend the kids stayed with Nana Kim for a day while Chad and I went to the lake with Taylor and Melissa. The kids had a great time playing in their pool.

Before they had swimming attire on, yes Anthony insisted on wearing this pair on underwear that day.

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