Friday, September 24, 2010

a girl's weekend

A few weeks ago I went to the beach for a girls weekend with some of Chad's family. We had a good time and it was good to get away for a few days without the kids. Although, the whole time I was sitting on the beach reading a book I was thinking about how much fun the kids would be having. Anthony and Caroline stayed with mom while I was gone. Here is a text message I received from mom:

Is this really the face of a little boy that likes to pull the legs off granddaddy longlegs? Yep sure is.
The first time she sent this text she sent it to the wrong person. They texted her back and said he is a cute boy but who is he? So some random person knows that my son likes to pull legs off animals!
The reason that he gave to mom on why he pulled the legs off is "Nanny I didn't want it to run away". LOL. How does he come up with these things? Just wondering if I should be worried. He has cut an inch worm in half with a plastic knife and now he is pulling the legs off granddaddy longlegs!?!? Oh dear, but dang he is so cute!
Here are a few pictures from our girls weekend:

While we were at the beach we went to eat at Dicks. I had never been there before but oh boy was it an experience. I laughed so hard, it was ridiculous. Of course our waiter made us all hats. Just wanted to share with you what they said.
Shaina: The health department closed my legs.
Melissa: I see tables and poles in my future.
Me: SL_T all I need is U
Kimberly: I have been around the block more times than the paper boy
Betty: My crotch is so dry that my crabs ride dirt bikes
How in the world do they come up with that stuff. LOL. Too funny.

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