Monday, March 8, 2010

a fun filled weekend

I had to work this weekend so the kids stayed with Mom and Dad. They had a wonderful weekend and Anthony is still talking about all the fun things they did. Here are some pictures.

On Friday Chad and all his "boys" (Anthony calls all of Chad's employees "the boys") cut down several pine trees around the house. Well of course they couldn't be outside without Anthony "helping". Here he is taking a break with Andrew and Mauricio.
The kids gathered up pine cones at Nanny & Papa's house this weekend to make bird feeders. They never got the feeders made because Anthony and Papa had so many other "jobs" to do. But they had fun finding the pine cones.

Chad forgot Anthony's jacket on Saturday so he wore one of Nanny's shirts as a jacket.

I'm not exactly sure what Anthony thought he was doing here, he just told me that he was "doing jobs"
While Papa was working on the house Anthony was working on hammering in a bunch of nails on a piece of wood. Kept him occupied for quite a long time. (I used to love doing the same thing when I was out helping daddy. I would make pictures by hammering nails in wood)
The finished product.
Anthony and Papa taking a break. When it was lunch time Anthony took Papa out to lunch at Twin Dragons. He had told me on Friday that he wanted to take Papa out to lunch. So I sent money with Anthony on Saturday for him to take Papa out. They had a great "just boys" lunch.
Caroline liked to stand in the chair on the porch watching all the cars go by.
Anthony told me that after him and Papa did all of their hard jobs then they had to get in the hot tub to "lax" (relax). He thinks that the hot tub is the greatest thing ever made. He even told Chad on Sunday that he needed to buy one. When Chad told him that they needed a track hoe first, Anthony told him that a hot tub is much better than a track hoe. Coming from Anthony that is saying a lot. He loves everything about a track hoe. I'm suprised that they had any water left in the hot tub by the time that he finished swimming.
Caroline decided on Sunday that she didn't want to take a nap so she tried to escape the pack-n-play. She is really clumsy anyway and it's not a good idea for her to try and climb out of anything. She fell on her head on Nanny and Papa's wood floor. See the big red spot on her forehead?

Work was slow on Sunday so I got off at 1pm. I went to Nanny and Papa's to pick up the kids and Anthony insisted that I "swim" in the hot tub with him. He jumped and splashed and played forever. He told me that he may just have to go live with Nanny and Papa now that they have a hot tub! LOL.

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Melanie said...

The hot tub looks like fun!!! Your kids are so cute....will Anthony keep a swim suit on in the hot tub? Poor Caroline and her sore head. I hate it when they learn how to do things like that. Picture in the hot tub is proof to Chad that you did have blonde in your hair.