Tuesday, March 2, 2010

more snow, a sick boy, and a dirty girl

Well I guess winter isn't over yet! We got another 7-8 inches of snow today. I hope winter will be over soon but it doesn't look like it. Anthony is upset because he can't go out in play because he has strep throat. Had to take him to the doctor today in the snow and he loved riding in the snow. He looked out the window and watched it snow for a while today asking if he could go out and play "for just a minute". Thank goodness mom kept Caroline today so I could just deal with Anthony. He layed in the bed and watched TV and played with my hair for 4 hours! Suprised I have any hair left. Every time I would get up to try to get something accomplished in the house he would just cry for me to come back. So, yes I let him watch excess amounts of TV but it was the only thing that was making him happy and he totally didn't feel like being up and playing. Hopefully by tomorrow the antibiotics will help and things will be better.

Caroline after she finished eating supper tonight. She insists on feeding herself everything now. She is so independent, so every night after dinner I have a huge mess to clean up. The worse mess is when she tries to feed herself yogurt. I'll have to get a picture of that soon. I took her shirt off before dinner so that would be one less thing I had to try to get clean.
Don't you just love those HUGE brown eyes?!

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