Friday, March 26, 2010

new pics

Here are several pictures that have been taken over the last week. This is when the kids were with Charlie on Monday before they went to the bouncy house and out to eat. Thanks Aunt Cha Cha. The kids had such a great time!
I'm pretty sure Anthony took this picture of Charlie and Caroline.

I think Caroline is taking after me, she loves to look at books. I found her the other day "reading" the books in my basket.
Getting mad because I wouldn't give her the camera.
Really upset because she couldn't have the camera!
She is really developing an attitude lately. She must get it from her daddy! (LOL) Mommy's little helper.
The kids playing ball outside this morning. I am so glad it is getting warmer, we spend tons of time outside now.
Anthony petting Tyson this morning. Anthony still doesn't want to be around him when we let him run around but he will put his hands inside and pet him when we have him put up.
Caroline loves Tyson. Everytime she goes outside that is one of the first places she goes.
Playing with the sled. Thank goodness there is no more snow so we don't need the sled anymore!
This is the only "tractor" you will ever find her on. She is scared to death of the Bobcat, tractor, and lawn mowers. Some days she doesn't even like the four wheeler or Papaw's Gator.
I almost had a heart attack when I looked outside this afternoon and saw Chad in this tree. He was tying a chain around the tree so that he could cut it down. There is not a lot of things that he does that makes me nervous but this definately did!
After they cut down the tree Anthony was right out there with them "helping".

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Melanie said...

Caroline is looking so grown up lately! I love her hair! Ummm, I wouldn't have been able to look out the window if my husband was that high up in a tree. I would be inthe house praying he didn't fall! Scary!