Thursday, April 1, 2010


Conversation with Anthony:

Anthony: Why are there cables on those polls?
Me: So we can use the telephone.
Anthony: Why are they called telephone polls?
Me: Because we have to have those polls and cables to be able to use the telephone.
Anthony: Why?
Me: Because.
Anthony: Because why?
Me: Because that's what makes the telephone work.
Anthony: Why do we have to use the telephone?
Me: To talk to people.
Anthony: Why do we have to talk to people?
Me: So we know what's going on.
Anthony: Why do we have to know what's going on?
Me: Just because. Could you please stop asking why?
Anthony: Why?
Me: Oh jeeze!

He askes why about EVERYTHING now. Saying just because is not good enough for him, you have to have a detailed answer and if he doesn't think it's good enough he will keep asking why until he has an answer that makes him happy. I will be so glad when he is out of this stage. Our conversation in the car are endless.

He has been the best boy for the last few days. He hasn't had to be put in time out or have a spanking in 3 days now. I really think it's because we now spend most of the day outside and he doesn't get bored when he's outside. It was beautiful here yesterday and today. Yesterday the kids played outside from 9:30am until 6:30pm except for the time when they were eating and Caroline took a nap. Otherwise, they didn't come in at all and they both love it.

Here are some pictures of Anthony and Caroline that I took yesterday. I was cooking dinner and went to the living room to check on the kids and they were sitting on coffee table. Anthony was explaining to Caroline what they do when you go to the dentist (he had just gotten home from the dentist earlier in the day).

Yesterday it was so warm and we decided to let Caroline play outside in shorts. To say the least it was a big mistake. She is entirely too clumsy to be able to play in shorts. I think she may have to wear pants for the rest of the year. I wanted her to wear a dress today but decided that it wasn't a good idea because her poor legs look terrible after she fell a few times.

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