Tuesday, April 20, 2010

new pics

Anthony making "chocolate cream pie". He was so dirty and muddy after this.
Playing on daddy's lawn mower. Anthony was trying to teach Caroline how to drive the lawn mower. He told her "here is how to turn it on, here is the gas, and here is how you steer. Now you do it Caroline." This is the only time that you will ever see Caroline on a lawn mower, she hates the mower when it is on and cries if we try to get her to ride it.

Sliding down the slide. Doesn't her pig tails look like Fraggle Rock?

Anthony went to a birthday party on Saturday and in the goodie bags that he brought home were eye patches. Anthony wanted Chad to put them on with the earrings. Chad will probably kill me for posting this picture but it was just too funny not to post.

Charlie taught Caroline to "talk to the hand!"
Don't they look tired? Maybe it was because that was the day that Anthony had been up since 0530 and then daddy had been up since 0550.
Anthony and daddy "thumb fighting!" He thinks it's the funniest thing ever.
This is how Anthony went outside to play. He said it was too hot to play with clothes on. I did make him put clothes on before all "the boys" got home from work.

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