Sunday, August 15, 2010

Myrtle Beach vacation

We returned home today from a week in Myrtle Beach and we had a wonderful time. The weather was great but crazy hot! The kids loved the ocean and the beach, we were down on the beach all day everyday. Totally my kind of vacation, although there is not a lot of relaxing when you have 2 small children to keep up with and they have no fear of the water. Anthony loved to boogie board and just swim. Caroline would run straight in to the water and we would have to be right there with her so when she fell she wouldn't go under the water. The few times she did go under she got right back up and went at it again. Anthony loved to go "way out deep" to jump the waves. Caroline and her daddy playing in the sand
Papa, Anthony, & Caroline building a shark! We had to keep Caroline away because all she wanted to do was destroy it.

Nanny and Caroline sitting in the sand feeding the birds. More pictures of that to come.

Anthony jumping and landing flat on his belly in the waves.

Just playing in the sand.

Caroline just playing in the sand. Don't you just LOVE her bathing suit?! Found it at one of the shops at the beach and just couldn't resist getting it for her.

Caroline and Papa playing in the water.
More beach pictures and stories to come later in the week!

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