Saturday, January 29, 2011

1st lake trip of 2011!

Today was a gorgeous day! We decided since the weather was so wonderful that we would go down to the lake for the day. We don't have our boat ready for the water yet but decided we could still go down and have a great day. We took the kids fishing, knowing that it was probably still a bit cold to catch anything from the dock but knew the kids would still have fun. We only fished for about 30 minutes before Anthony decided that the fish were still "wrapped in their mud blankets" and weren't coming out now. Caroline fished for all of 2 minutes before she was done but all she could talk about all day was "catch a fish, let's catch some fish". She was more interested in walking around the dock and I had to stay right there on top of her because I was afraid she would decide she wanted go swimming. She kept saying "It's not cold, I'll just swim for a minute".
Anthony, the serious fisherman!
Caroline thought the best way to fish was to put the end of the fishing pole in the water.

She was quite mad that her daddy was trying to help her cast it. I think I heard "I got it, I do it myself" about 100 times in the 2 minutes she fished.
Anthony is great at casting all by himself.
We also took the kids to play miniature golf. Anthony loves to play and would play all day, once again, Caroline was interested for about 5 minutes then was done with it. I think they had a great time though, Anthony playing and Caroline just walking around.

The first 3 holes Caroline would hit her ball one time then pick it up and carry it to the hole and then hit it in. After that she wouldn't hit it at all, she would just carry her ball to the hole and throw it in then play with the flags that were in the hole. It made Anthony so mad that she wouldn't get out of his way. Caroline's response to Anthony when he would get frustrated with her "It's ok bro, calm down". Both my kids just crack me up!

One of the few times Caroline tried to hit the ball.
Anthony looking quite serious.
Just a side note: I no longer have any kids in diapers!!!! OH HAPPY DAY! Caroline has been in panties except nap time and bedtime for the last week and is doing great. She was in panties all day today while we were out and no accidents!! This makes me so happy.

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