Friday, January 21, 2011

A lot of updates!

Wow, I am getting really bad about posting often. Guess I am going to have to do better about that. Things here have been a little crazy busy and there isn't a lot of extra time to post. I will definately try to do better though. A few weeks ago we had another big snowstorm. I, of course, had to work and daddy was sweet enough to take me and pick me up from work. The whole way that morning you could see no lines on the road and we didn't pass not one state truck but we made it fine. Charlie had to be at my house at 5:15am and anyone who knows Charlie knows that she doesn't do mornings well at all! Anyway, she took Anthony out to play while Caroline was napping because it was just a little too cold for her outside. Anthony said he had the best time ever except that he couldn't sled a lot because the snow covered up his sled. So here he is riding his track hoe and digging in the snow.

He said this was a snow beard.

Charlie made the kids snow cream after coming in from playing. Anthony thinks it's the best thing he has ever eaten and asks for it daily. He wants it to snow more just so we can make more, but he did tell me that only Cha Cha knows how to make it so she is just going to have to come play with him in the snow then make some.

Anthony at the bounce house.
We went with some friends to lunch then to the bounce house. It's amazing how many people stopped us and said how brave we are for taking out 6 kids to lunch. There were 4 adults and 6 kids ranging in age from 4-1. They were actually really good, no major meltdowns, everyone ate good, and they weren't too hyper at the table. It was a great lunch. It just amazes me how many people think we are crazy for taking so many kids out. It really is fun and the kids have a great time, it's not too hard at all. Plus, we can't handle being in the house all the time so this is a great time to get out and let the kids have fun but also get to have some adult conversation while they are playing.
Caroline waiting her turn on the slide.

She was watching a baby. She is totally obsessed with babies and wants to hold them and play and talk to them all the time. It's hard to keep her away from other peoples kids.

The kids helping me cook with their aprons

Anthony and I went to the movies with some friends a few weeks ago. This is up right before we went in. He looks excited doesn't he?!

For my birthday weekend Chad and I decided to go to The Grove Park Inn for a night. I won a free night at a race that I ran last year so we thought this was the perfect time for it. We dropped the kids off with their Nana Kim and Grandad on Saturday morning and we went to Asheville. We decided to go to the movies first since we haven't done that in a few years together. We saw The Fighter. Very good movie. After that we went and checked in at The Grove Park. We felt a little out of place there. There were tons of older people and middle aged people that were dressed very nicely that were carrying around their glasses of wine. Chad and I had on nice jeans and shirts but we were totally the only ones. We went to the room and got settled, Chad of course watched a little TV while I was getting ready for us to go to dinner. He also looked at the menus, and couldn't believe that how expensive everything was! I wanted to order room service and of course he said, "Kendra, there is no way that I am paying that much for room service and then having to tip the guy. We could go to Texas Roadhouse for that!" Oh jeeze, all that man ever talks about when we go to Asheville is eating at Texas Roadhouse. I would prefer to eat somewhere different at least part of the time but I have realized if we do he spends the whole dinner comparing it to Texas Roadhouse so it's not worth it.
So off to dinner, to guess where???? Texas Roadhouse! I was hoping we could eat at Grove Park but there was nothing there that Chad would actually eat. We had a great time at dinner, it was nice to have some alone time. Then we came back to the hotel and relaxed.
4am on Sunday morning I woke up with gastro. So there went the rest of our weekend. We missed breakfast at Grove Park and our couples massage, which secretly I think Chad was thankful for. He wasn't real sure about a massage. I think he would have loved it but oh well. We headed home about 9:30am and on the way home Chad called his mom to tell her that he could bring me home then get the kids. Kim told him that Anthony had woken up at 4am with gastro also. Oh dear is all I could think because neither one of my kids has ever had gastro before and I wasn't sure how well Chad would handle it because I totally couldn't get out of bed to help. Kim decided to keep the kids for a few more hours so I could get home and then about lunch time Chad called and said he was coming to get the kids. As Kim was putting Caroline in the car she started throwing up. So now Chad was the only one that could take care of us all. To be honest, I was a little nervous, he doesn't do well with sickness. But he did a great job.
A couple days later Kim and her husband got it, Chad got it, and now Betty has it. Guess we are passing it along in the family. So sorry everyone!! Hope everyone feels better soon.

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