Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year and late Merry Christmas.

We had the most wonderful Christmas this year. The kids got tons of toys and it even snowed on Christmas! We got a total of about 6-7 inches of snow on Christmas which meant that by 11am Chad was out working. At least we got to open up gifts before he had to go out. I woke up Christmas morning about 6am and started making baked french toast, which I make only one time year and it is AMAZING! I then woke Chad up about 7am and then we got the kids up about 7:15am since we knew that my family would be there by 7:30am. Chad made the rule that we can't leave the house on Christmas but he never said my family couldn't come to me! I don't think I could stand having Christmas without my family so it works out great. Caroline was thrilled with her new Bitty Baby Twins and Anthony loved his Leapster Explorer but I think what he liked best of all was his Paper Jams. He rocked out all morning and had all of my family playing with him. I totally could see him in a rock band because he gets all in to, singing, dancing and jumping around.
We then let them open the gifts from us and my family. Anthony loved opening but Caroline really couldn't have cared less because she was too busy with her babies and stroller that Nanny and Papa got her. It took her until about lunch time to open everything and the only reason it was done by then was because Anthony opened most of hers also!
Overall, it was an amazing Christmas, I love Christmas even more now that I am a parent than when I was a kid and that's saying a lot. (My sister and I used to get up between 1am and 4am every year). It is just so fun seeing the kids open their gifts and play with everything and just be so excited and getting to spend time with family is awesome too.
We had Christmas with Chad's family on Dec. 22nd and had a wonderful dinner then the kids opened their gifts. I don't think that my house will ever be the same though! I have their playroom full and we still have toys in the living room. I definately have to go through all their stuff and make a trip to Goodwill.
I have to tell about the gifts that the kids got for Chad and I. Mom took them shopping and just let them loose in the store and let them pick out anything in the store that they wanted to get. Mom said she had so much fun and would definately be doing it again next year. It is just amazing how much thought they put in to the gifts as young as they are. The ones that the kids got for Chad are just priceless. Anthony was so excited about what he got Chad that he told his Nanny that his daddy would be so excited that he was going to just jump up and down! So here is what we got. Caroline to Chad-Elvis Pressley coffee cups and hot chocolate. She totally knows that Chad is always looking for coffee cups because he always leaves his outside. Anthony for Chad- Fix a Flat!!!! Isn't that priceless??? Chad did a really good job being super excited about this one. Anthony kept saying you can fix flat tires on anything now, and you have a lot of stuff that could get flat tires. Caroline for Anthony- nerf football. Anthony for Caroline- pom poms and a megaphone. (Oh dear, lets hope this doesn't mean she will be a cheerleader). Caroline for me- hairbows, fingernail polish. Anthony for me-earrings, key chain, bracelet. These gifts from the kids are definately my favorite of all for Christmas.

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