Sunday, August 28, 2011

Anthony and Caroline both started their first day of school on August 15th. Anthony started Kindergarten and Caroline started at First Baptist WEE school. This was a day that I have not been looking forward to for the entire summer. I am used to being home with the kids 5 days a week so Anthony to be gone 5 days a week is going to take some adjusting. Anthony was super excited the night before his first day and got up that morning and was dressed in record time. When we got to the school he started getting nervous and by the time we got to his class he was clinging to me and playing with mine and Charlie's hair, which he now mostly does just when he's nervous. I finally got him to stop clinging long enough to get some great pictures. When it was time for Caroline, Charlie, and I to leave his teacher had to pry his arms and legs off me, he cried, I cried, and Charlie cried. LOL. When I went to pick him up from school that afternoon he told me that school was AWESOME and he couldn't wait to go back. The next morning his teacher had to keep him from chasing me down the hall but every morning since then he has given me a quick hug and kiss and has been fine. He tells me everyday that school was "awesomer than the day before" but that he doesn't learn anything and they play all day! At least he likes it!
When we took Caroline to school the first day she was so excited to be going to Anthony's old school. She walked right in and didn't even look back. When I picked her up that day she said she loves school. She gave her teacher a big hug and told her she would see her the next day. When she found out that she didn't go to school the next day she was upset. So when it was time for her to go to school again she was super excited but then we got to her class and she wanted to me to stay with her. As I left she started crying but only cried for about a minute then when I went to pick her up she cried because she didn't want to leave! And that has been the cycle for her everyday at school since then!

Anthony and Caroline ready for the first day of school
Anthony in his classroom. Looks can be deceiving, he was totally not this happy when I left him!

Anthony checking out his desk for the first time
Right before I told him that I had to leave
Aunt Cha Cha and Anthony
Mommy and Anthony
Caroline on her first day of WEE school playing in her classroom
Getting ready to go in her new school
Picture that her teacher took of her playing outside
She loves the outside playground, she says it's her favorite time in school
I am slowly adjusting to Caroline being gone 2 days a week for 3 hours and Anthony being gone 5 days a week. It is much easier to run errands and I am finally getting back in to running when they are in school. I still wish they were home everyday with me but I know it's good for them and they love it. Can't wait to see what the school year holds! Let's just hope Anthony stayes out of trouble, he came home with 2 green cards this week and 3 yellow cards! His teachers say there is an adjustment period I just hope that he come home with more green cards a week than yellow!!!

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