Monday, August 15, 2011

A Rockin' Good Time

I can't believe Anthony turned 5 years old on Saturday. It seems like just yesterday that he was born although it's hard to remember life before he was here. He is such a sweet and snuggly boy but is definately strong willed also. (I have no idea where he got that from!) He loves to play outside and will stay out there all day if you let him and he loves to do "jobs" with his Daddy, Papa, Papaw, and Grandad. The more jobs he can help do, the happier he is. He is the greatest boy ever. I also tell him that he is my favorite boy ever!

I can't believe how much he has grown and changed over the last 5 years.
This year Anthony decided he wanted to have a Rock Star birthday party. So we went all out and had the most fabulous rock star party ever. We hired a DJ from Sound Extreme and got him the most awesome birthday cake ever. All the kids had a great time and the parents and grandparents had great entertainment watching the kids play and dance.
Adley bustin' a move! He is a great dancer and quite entertaining!!!
Charlie has always wanted to be a tattoo artist but since she can't draw she always volunteers to do the temporary tattoos for all the kids.
Kids playing "guitars"

Anthony can "play" his guitar behind his head. AMAZING! he says. LOL
Charlie and Erin Ashworth dancing (Erin was one of the DJ's for the party)
Anthony getting ready to blow out his candles
The was an awesome guitar cake, it was huge and looked fabulous and tasted even better!
Overall, I think this was his best birthday party so far. He told me it was the coolest party he has ever been too and wanted to do it again next year. I told him next year we will have to hook up the ipod to a set of speakers, lol.

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