Friday, February 5, 2010

mortified at mcdonalds

Yesterday Charlie gave the kids some money to go to McDonalds. This is not somewhere that Anthony has been in quite a while (at least while he has been with me, who knows when he is with his grandparents. lol) So I didn't feel like getting the kids out of the care so we went through the drive-thru. I ordered their happy meals and proceeded to the window to pay. While I was handing the man our money Anthony starts talking in the back seat. At first I really wasn't paying attention to what he was saying but he kept getting louder and louder. I then realized he is saying "Mommy, why is that guy so ugly? Mommy,why is that man ugly? Moooommmmmyyyyy,I said why is that man so ugly? I kept trying to get him to be quiet at least until we pulled away from the window but he wouldn't do it. So I'm sure that the poor guy at McDonalds yesterday had his feelings hurt. I did talk to Anthony about how it is not nice to tell people that they're ugly, it hurts their feelings. His response to me was "Well mommy he was ugly, I was just telling the truth." Guess we won't be going back to McDonalds anytime soon! Or at least through the drive-thru. Kids, they are so brutally honest!

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Melanie said...

Oh no - that poor man, well if he has any kids of his own hopefully he'll understand. Kids definitely are brutally honest.