Tuesday, February 2, 2010

more snow and couple cute videos

Another 5 inches of snow fell at our house on Friday & Saturday. To say the least, I am tired of all the snow and cold weather. Anthony loves it but Caroline doesn't really like it all. I think it's because she can't walk in it so she spends most of her time trying to get back up. She is happiest when she gets her gloves off and can sit and just eat the snow. I let her do this for a few minutes until I was afraid her hands were getting too cold so then she was ready to go in the house.

Anthony decided this morning that he wanted to go clean the snow off the porch since Chad hasn't gotten around to getting it done yet. This is what he went outside in. I had to get a picture before I made him come back in the house!

Here are some pictures of Saturday when they were outside playing

Anthony didn't want to carry his sled up the hill so it was icy enough that he just layed on his belly and slid down.

Here are just a couple of cute videos that I took of Caroline a few days ago.

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Melanie said...

So Cute...man Anthony really is a nudist if he can take weather like that in just his underwear!