Sunday, February 21, 2010

pizza & fudge popsicles

Conversation with Anthony on Friday morning:

Anthony: Mommy, what's today?
Me: What do you mean?
Anthony: What day is it today?
Me: Oh, it Friday
Anthony: Oh good! We can order pizza today!
Me: Anthony, we don't have to order pizza today. I know it's Friday and we eat out on Fridays but we can order something else.
Anthony: Nope, I want pizza and I know Daddy will to.

Guess what we had for dinner on Friday?! Pizza!

Caroline ate 2 pieces of pizza, 1 breadstick, and 1/2 Skinny Cow Fudge Popsicle (which was mine but she stole it) Here is what she looked like while eating it. It was just too cute to not let her do it. So we just had quite the mess to clean up after dinner.

By the time she finished she had popsicle up her nose!

What happened when I tried to take it away, needless to say, she got it back!


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