Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the best camel ever!!!!

Anthony's Christmas program at WEE school was last week and he was the cutest camel I have ever seen. I was a little worried earlier in the month because everytime I asked him what he was going to be in his program he always said "I'm not doing it because I don't want to." I could totally see him refusing to go on the stage because he does get pretty shy with a lot of people around. Well, about 3 days before his program he decided that he was excited and finally told me he was going to be a camel.
He has had a cough for about the last month but I really think that sometimes when he coughs it's totally fake. Well the morning of the program he coughed all morning. I gave him cough drops hoping that would help but I guess it didn't because he proceeded to cough through the entire program! I'm sure there were some upset mothers that thought I brought my sick child to the program but I think half of the time he was coughing up there it was fake. LeAnna told him in the middle of the program to quit coughing. LOL. Anyway, I still think he was the most handsome camel ever and he did great. By the end of the program his camel was having some issues though.
Anthony coughing! It was quite dramatic.
Camel starting to go sideways.

Camel even more sideways!

At the end of the program his camel was completely backwards. He said he knew it was but thought it was ok that way and didn't want to disturb the camel by messing with him.
Caroline at the reception after the program. She loved to watch the program but gave us a running commentary of the whole thing. She would say "Oh look a MOO cow, a baby, a dog". She was too cute though.

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