Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas, the kids received lots of great presents and have played till they just fell over. I'm just not sure if my house is ever going to recover, I still have so much left to clean. Here are some pictures from the day (please just ignore the mess everywhere!)

Anthony "helping" Caroline open her presents. He "helped" everyone.
Caroline with her new ride on toy.

Anthony on his new bicycle that his Nanny and Papaw Bryson got him. He loves it.

Caroline with her new car. She didn't want us to put it together, she thought it was just fine like that so we had to wait for her to take a nap.
Caroline is such a girly girl. She got a baby sling and now she carries her baby around in the sling. She looked so cute cooking in her kitchen while wearing her baby. She's such a little mommy. She got a new baby that coos and moves and everytime it makes a noise she pats it on the back and says "Oh Oh". She walks around the house talking to it now to. It's so darn cute!
Aunt Cha Cha with Caroline and her new baby.

They both got play food that they can cut and that has entertained both of them for hours.
Caroline in her new car after we finally got it put together. She takes her baby for rides all over the house now.
I just love this picture.
Andrew and Taylor came over and played Anthony's new Wii. Everyone has had a great time with it, although I think Chad has taken it over. He played it for a long time yesterday then we played together after the kids went to bed. It's so fun.
Anthony bowling with his new Wii, but his favorite game is shooting chickens with eggs. He thinks it's great.

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