Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Tree

After we got home from having Thanksgiving dinner with Chad's family all Anthony wanted to do was decorate the tree. So we went downstairs and found the decorations and we started decorating. We got the lights on the tree while Caroline and Anthony were both trying to "help." So we decided to let Anthony stay up a little late and decorate it after Caroline went to bed.

I never really understood why my mom always wanted to keep every ornament that Charlie and I made when we were kids. But now I totally understand. The ornaments that Anthony has made are my most cherised ornaments now. That is mainly what is on our tree this year and I love it. While we were decorating Anthony wanted to play with the ornaments for a while before he would put them on the tree so to say the least it took a while to finish it all. Anthony told me when we finished decorating that he had the best tree in the whole world.

The next morning when Caroline woke up the first thing she went for was the tree. She pulled out 3 of the balls and started throwing them through the house. Thank goodness we put all the non-breakable ones on the bottom. She has pulled off some of the lights and pulls the ornaments off several times a day. Everytime she gets near the tree she looks at me and gives me the biggest smile before she pulls something off because she knows she is not supposed to be doing that. They really know how to work it!

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