Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We got a total of 7 inches of snow, not as much as some people but plenty for us. Anthony had a hard time walking in all that. Mark, Lacey, LeAnna, & Colton came over on Saturday to play. Here are some pictures from the day. Colton didn't like the snow, he was happier to sit on Anthony's jeep the whole time. Caroline's favorite part was when I would throw snowballs at her, she was just smile and laugh. Of course LeAnna and Anthony loved sledding down the hill but we had to pull them back up the hill, not easy to do! We survived the day with no broken bones but LeAnna did get a busted nose, upper and lower lip, and a red spot on her forehead from when Charlie stopped them from hitting the playhouse and LeAnna fell forward in to the back of Anthony's head. Sorry LeAnna! She sent Anthony the cutest video that night thanking him for busting her lip. LOL.

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lacey said...

I really need to get these pic. from you they are all so cute. LeAnna says she forgives u and Anthony for the busted nose and lip lol. We need to go to the movies soon b/c she is driving me nuts about Alvin and the chipmuncks.