Saturday, December 5, 2009


Brevard's Christmas parade was today. We went even though it was bitterly cold because of the wind. We bundled the kids up and they had a great time. Someone threw out some candy and Caroline got the lolipop. This is only the second time she has ever had one. She was not going to let it go. She loved it and cried when I finally took it away.
After the parade some friends and I decided to take our kids to see Santa. So with 3 adults we took 5 kids to eat and then to the mall to see Santa. Scroll down and you will see the picture of Anthony and Caroline with Santa.

Can you tell that Caroline absolutely hated Santa this year? I still love the picture even though she isn't smiling. It's just another priceless holiday memory. Below are pictures from past Christmases with Santa. Thought it would be cute to show you all of them. (sorry I can't find the one from Anthony's 1st Christmas, gonna have to keep looking)

Anthony hated Santa 2 years ago!

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