Tuesday, October 26, 2010

conversations with Caroline

Here are the EB shirts. Aren't they cute?
Here are a few of things that Caroline has said this week. She is getting to be to darn funny.
Charlie and Caroline were at the salon and Caroline was looking under Charlie's station and Caroline said "a bunch of shit cha cha". Charlie said she didn't think that's what she said so she asked her again what she said and Caroline said "a bunch of shit cha cha". Charlie said she wasn't sure if she said battleship or the other. As much as I wish it were battleship that she said, I just don't think that's what it was!
Charlie was at the house keeping the kids yesterday and Caroline shut the bedroom door and said "bye bye cha cha". Charlie said she wasn't sure where she was going so she went to look for her. Caroline was standing on the table with her legs spread wide apart. As soon as she saw Charlie she said "AAAHHH aroline (Caroline) not do it. Baby pee pee on papble (table)". She had gotten up on the dining room table and peed on the table!! When Chad got home Charlie said "Caroline where did your baby pee pee"? She said "on the papble". LOL.
Today Anthony got in trouble for pitching a terrible fit. Chad went to Anthony's bedroom and as he was walking down the hallway Caroline yelled out to Chad "spank his butt, spank his butt."
She is just too funny. I think she is gonna be just as funny as Anthony is!

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