Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We met some friends from work and went trick or treating in Brevard tonight. Thank goodness we started at 6:00 because by the time we were finished it was dark and we were totally afraid we were going to lose a kid or two! All the kids looked super cute and had a great time. Thank goodness for Charlie coming with us or I swear we would have lost Caroline. I don't know what was up with her but she was WILD when we got there, she ran and ran and ran some more and sometimes just ran in circles. We were all running to keep up with her. Anthony had a great time to, he was a little hyper but nothing like Caroline. She was definately a swarming busy bee but it was tons of fun.
All 8 of the kids that we went with.
Of course I only got one really good picture because Anthony and Colton were running out of the picture as soon as we would try to take it!

The kids got TONS of candy and toys and I dread the sugar high that they will have for the next week. I have finally convinced Anthony to take some of his candy to my dentist's office where they are giving money in exchange for some of the candy. It was a hard decision for him because he loves candy and he loves money. Chad of course told me that I could only take the crappy candy and sell it because he wanted to keep the good candy, he is worse than the kids when it comes to sweets!

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