Saturday, October 16, 2010

Grandad's Apples

On Sunday Charlie and I took the kids to pick out pumpkins and pick apples at Grandad's in Hendersonville. We all had a great time, Anthony picked about 15 pumpkins and I had to make him put all but 5 of them up. I think 5 pumpkins is more than sufficient, that's a lot of pumpkins to carve and paint. We picked out our pumpkins then went and let the kids pick apples then we ate at the BBQ place there. Definately some of the best BBQ I have ever eaten, I think I may go back just for the food!

Feeding the llamas. Anthony wasn't so sure about them but Caroline loved them. Anthony may have been a little hesitant because one of them spit on him last year!

Why is it so darn impossible to get a picture of the two of them actually looking at the camera?

Caroline loved picking the apples but every time she picked one she wanted to take a bite out of it. I had to chase her around and try to grab the apple before she starting eating on it. I think she managed to get to about 4 of them and then of course Anthony had to eat one too. But they had a great time.

Walking down the road beside the apple orchard.
I cleaned most of the "stuff" out of the pumpkin because neither one of the kids liked doing that too much. Caroline kept saying "that's yuck, gross". But after I finished cleaning out the first pumpkin I caught Caroline picking the seeds up and putting them back in!
Our finished product. We only got 1 pumpkin done that day. Hope to get more done today. One side is Anthony's (the spider) and the other side is Caroline's. Whoever said carving a pumpkin with a 2 and 4 year old is fun, lied! All Anthony kept saying is "give me the knife, I want to cut" and Caroline kept throwing the seeds back in. Oh what fun, but it is a another memory to add to the collection.

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