Thursday, December 9, 2010

off roading!

On Sunday we went to the Land Rover Winter Off Road Event. We had a fantastic time, although it was bitterly cold. When we left Land Rover Asheville it was snowing and I definately didn't dress warm enough. I was also extremely nervous about taking my brand new car off roading but I am so glad I did, it was the most fun I think I've ever had!
Chad and I standing on the platform at the top of the trail. When you stand in the middle of the platform you are in NC and SC. It was beautiful up there.
Leaving from the top of the trail.

This hill was so steep that we couldn't see where the trail went. I kept asking Chad "do you see the road?" His response "Nope, lets just hope we are supposed to go straight!" There were a few other hills that we went down that Chad had his head stuck out the window to see where we were supposed to go. There was also one spot that we only had 2 wheels touching the ground at a time, I'm pretty sure I almost had a heart attack on that one!

One of the mud puddles toward the end of the trail.

My shiny white car not so shiny anymore. It still has mud caked under the fenders and on the tires. Guess I'm gonna have to actually wash it because the drive through car wash just didn't get it.
I also took some pictures from inside the car but I was bouncing so high and trying to hold on that I didn't get very many. There were no photographers standing in some of the roughest spots where there were huge rocks/boulders and holes so we don't have any pictures of that. It was so much fun that I can't wait until the summer to do it again!
Chad asked me if I was going to drive it next time. I told him sure I would drive, I think that would be tons of fun. I don't think he thought that I would ever agree to drive it because as soon as I said yes he gave me a crazy look and told me that he would never ride with me through something like that. Thanks for the vote of confidence Chad, I think I would do just fine!!

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