Sunday, December 19, 2010

snow and lots of ugly sweaters!

The kids had a great time with the snow last week. We played outside forever and built a snowman and had a snow ball fight. Caroline definately likes it more this year than she did last year. I told Anthony to go put his snow clothes on so we could go outside to play and when I got my clothes on and came out of the bedroom this is what I found!

Making a snow angel
My daddy

Anthony, Nanny, Papa, and Caroline had a snowball fight. Here is Anthony getting his Nanny.
Our snowman!
We also had my family's Christmas party on Saturday and we had an ugly Christmas sweater party. I had already made my sweater for the work Christmas party but I added a few more things to the outfit for this party. Charlie found these "fabulous" stirrup pants for me to wear. I looked totally ridiculous but so did everyone else at the party! We had a great time though.

Everyone with their ugly sweaters.

The guys!

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