Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas tree "hunting"

Wow it's been a long time since I have posted anything, so sorry, things are just a little crazy around here most days! We had a great thanksgiving dinner with my mom with tons of great food and I totally ate way to much. After we ate with mom and dad Charlie, Quentin, Anthony, Caroline, and I went to Zeiglers Christmas tree farm to pick out our tree. We decided not to go to the same place as last year hoping that we could find a place that wasn't quite so steep. Well, we found a place that wasn't so steep but it was 6 miles up a dirt road! We kept driving and driving and driving but when we arrived it was totally worth the drive. It is beautiful up there and they have tons of trees and many of the places weren't very steep at all. So then we started walking around looking for the perfect tree. Anthony kept saying "let's keep hiking, we are on an adventure." He got tired of walking pretty quickly and made Quentin carry him on his shoulders and I carried Caroline on mine. I wish we would have gotten there a little earlier so we could have walked around more but it was getting dark and we did find the "perfect tree".
Caroline hiking
Quentin carrying Anthony after he got too tired to walk.

Our tree. We had to cut off about a foot to get it in the house and it's a fat tree but it's great. Anthony is so proud of his tree.

Petting the dog. It's supposed to be an Eastern working dog but the owners of the Christmas tree farm said they think he must be a Western lazy dog. He was so sweet and great with the kids.

On Friday I invited Charlie and Mom over to help us decorate. We turned on Christmas music and made hot apple cider and set to work.

Caroline loved the "balls" She proceeded to break 2 ornaments by throwing them because she thought they were balls. She also tried to put all her ornaments on the same limb of the tree.

Anthony concentrated so hard to put his ornaments on perfectly but the only place he wanted to put his were on the back of the tree.

The final product. The Galloway family's PERFECT Christmas tree. It was decorated almost completely by the kids so it's definately not perfect but to me it really is!

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