Saturday, December 11, 2010


Today we went for our annual trip to see Santa. We decided to go to the Blue Ridge Mall, and I highly recommend that Santa. He was the best one we have ever been to. Well, I have been talking to Caroline for a few weeks about Santa and everytime I ask her if she was going to sit in his lap she would say "Don't want it, don't want it!" I figured she would cry a little or maybe even be ok if Anthony sat on his lap. Boy, was I wrong. When we walked in the mall I asked her if she was going to sit on Santa's lap and she said "Yes" then right after that she said "Don't want it Santa Claus." So we went and got in line, when we were about 15 minutes away from Santa he stood up and Caroline started crying. She kept saying "Don't want it Santa Claus." I then figured out that it would not be an easy trip to see him. I kept telling her that she would have to sit in his lap to tell him what she wanted for Christmas. All she would say is "Don't want baby doll, don't want it." She was totally willing to not get any presents from Santa if she could just get the heck out of there. She continued to cry, and when everyone around us in line figured out that she wasn't having a meltdown she was just terrified of Santa they were all laughing. It actually was quite humerous! When we were about 2 people away from seeing Santa she asked to get down. I put her down and she tried to run away!!! I picked her back up and held her as she continued to cry. There were tears and snot everywhere. I started to feel a little guilty but no way was I missing a year of her seeing Santa, plus Anthony was quite excited to see him. He totally thinks he is cool. When we were next in line she really started screaming, the photographer was laughing hysterically at her. Santa was trying to bribe her with a Twizzler and she totally was having no part of it. So, we finally get our turn to see Santa and Anthony is so excited because you know, Santa is magic and that's just cool. I sat on the side of the chair with Caroline thinking that would make her happy, um no. She continued to scream. Santa asked if I wanted him to go behind the chair to see if that made it better and so he did and that didn't work either. She continued to scream like we were killing her. She couldn't even see Santa and she was a total mess. When we got up from seeing him I asked her to just wave at him and she said "Don't want it". I planned on only buying 1 picture but the pictures of Caroline are so priceless that I had to get all of them. So, here they are!!! i just love all the looks that Santa has in these pictures.

After we finished with pictures we let Anthony get back on Santa's lap to tell him what he wanted for Christmas since Santa totally couldn't hear him while Caroline was around. He told him that all he wanted for Christmas was a remote control motorcycle. Sure wish he would have told Santa that a while back, because that totally was not on Santa's list!!

When we were walking out of the mall I asked Caroline if she liked Santa and she said "Oh Yes"! What??? Then I asked if she sat on Santa's lap and told him that she wanted a baby doll for Christmas and she said yes again. Then on the way home she told me that she wanted to sit on Santa's lap again. So I'm going to try to take them again to see him to see if it is any better next time. Totally not holding my breath on that one and if she doesn't like him again then I won't make her sit on his lap.

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